Ubuntu: Fix “The disk drive for /tmp is not ready yet or not present”

Adding explicitly the /tmp to fstab solves the problem. Just add this to your /etc/fstab file:

tmpfs           /tmp            tmpfs   defaults            0       0

Before rebooting you could run this to delete everything from the /tmp folder:

sudo mv /tmp /tmp_old
sudo mkdir /tmp
sudo chmod -R 777 /tmp
sudo rm -Rf /tmp_old


Ref: http://elementaryos.org/answers/the-disk-drive-for-tmp-is-not-ready-yet-or-not-present

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  1. Thanks. I always used wubi to install ubuntu but kept getting disk errors and having reinstall, so I installed with ubuntu pendrivelinux and then I would see that message occasionally.

  2. 10x mate! good luck!

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