Disable automatic locale variables setting in terminal emulator for Mac OS X

Terminal emulators usually send your current locale when conecting to an SSH server. I use Mac OS X in spanish and when I connected to a CentOS server my locale was automatically configured to es_ES.UTF-8 making most command outputs to be in spanish. I prefer using english so I can search error messages easily. Most blogs and web sites (Stackoverflow for example) are in english and I wouldn’t find anything in spanish.

To fix this you just have to disable the automatic locale setting option in your terminal emulator. In Mac OS X Terminal.app it’s in Preferences, Settings, Advance tab, “Set locale environment variables os start up”:


In iTerm it’s in Preferences, Profiles tab, Terminal tab, “Set locale variables automatically”:


Ref: http://serverfault.com/questions/336559/how-to-change-my-commandline-locale-after-centos-decided-to-change-it/373410#373410

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