Changing rEFInd options

If you use rEFInd to boot multiple operating systems in a Mac you may want to change it’s options. For example the default 20 second timeout, in my opinion too long.


Booting from Mac OS X you’ll have to mount the rEFInd partition. You can see which partition it is in with this command:

$ diskutil list | grep EFI
   1:                        EFI EFI                     209.7 MB   disk0s1

Now that we know it is in disk0s1 we mount it:

$ sudo mkdir /Volumes/EFI
$ sudo diskutil mount -mountPoint /Volumes/EFI /dev/disk0s1 

The main configuration file can be found in /Volumes/EFI/EFI/refind/refind.conf. Here you can change for example the timeout or the default menu selection (by default rEFInd remembers the last selected one):

timeout 5
default_selection 1

Once we change everything we want just unmout the partition:

$ sudo diskutil unmount /Volumes/EFI

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