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Install OpenCV 2.3.1a in Mac OS X 10.6

Download OpenCV 2.3.1a and unpack it:

curl -L -O http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/opencvlibrary/opencv-unix/2.3.1/OpenCV-2.3.1a.tar.bz2
tar xzvpf OpenCV-2.3.1a.tar.bz2

Then configure and compile it:

cd OpenCV-2.3.1
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..
sudo make install

You can use different options when executing cmake:

  • -D BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON -> Compile example programs.
  • -D BUILD_TESTS=OFF -> Don’t compile tests.
  • -D BUILD_NEW_PYTHON_SUPPORT=OFF -> Don’t compile new Python support.
  • -D WITH_CARBON=ON -> (mostly for Leopard and below) To use Carbon instead of Cocoa (since version r2909).
  • -D WITH_QUICKTIME=ON -> (mostly for Leopard and below) To use QuickTime for the I/O of Video instead of QTKit (since version r2924). If you use Snow Leopard and need Carbon and QuickTime, you must also specify -D CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=i386, -D CMAKE_C_FLAGS=-m32 and -D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-m32.

If you don’t have cmake installed download a “binary distribution” from cmake.org. For example http://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/cmake-2.8.7-Darwin64-universal.dmg.

You can compile OpenCV for an specific architecture using CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES with those values:


For example:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=i386 ..

To create a “universal build” use both i386 and ppc:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=i386 ppc ..

If you want to compile for a 32 bit architecture is mandatory to add -m32 to C and CXX flags. If you don’t add it you could end up with this warning:

created and used with differing settings of '-m32'

To solve this use -m32 option in CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=i386 -D CMAKE_C_FLAGS=-m32 -D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-m32 ..