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Fix ‘ERROR: column “spclocation” does not exist’ in phpPgAdmin

I was going to create a new database with phpPgAdmin and it crashed with this error:

ERROR:  column "spclocation" does not exist
LINE 1: ...pg_catalog.pg_get_userbyid(spcowner) AS spcowner, spclocatio...


We’ll have to add some code to phpPgAdmin to fix this. In my case this worked for phpPgAdmin 5.0.4 and PostgreSQL 9.3 but if you have for example PostgreSQL 9.2 just change the number. It should work.

  1. Open your phpPgAdmin location and change to /classes/database.
  2. Open Connection.php and add a case line for your PostgreSQL version:
    // Detect version and choose appropriate database driver
    switch (substr($version,0,3)) {
        case '9.3': return 'Postgres93'; break;
        case '8.4': return 'Postgres'; break;
        case '8.3': return 'Postgres83'; break;
        case '8.2': return 'Postgres82'; break;
        case '8.1': return 'Postgres81'; break;
        case '8.0':
        case '7.5': return 'Postgres80'; break;
        case '7.4': return 'Postgres74'; break;
  3. Copy Postgres84.php to Postgres93.php.
  4. Open Postgres.php and copy functions getTablespaces and getTablespace.
  5. Open Postgres93.php and change class name to Postgres93 and $major_version variable value to 9.3.
  6. Also in Postgres93.php paste the functions you copied before inside the class.
  7. Replace ", spclocation," with ", pg_tablespace_location(oid) as spclocation," in both functions.

Ref: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13467949/error-on-creating-database-in-phppgadmin