(English) ARToolKit with OpenKinect using the IR camera

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 EspañolEnglish のみです。

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  1. Can you publish the code or at least write about it so that we can see how you get hold of the Depth data. There are other people who do it on ROS (http://adriangerardcooke.com/kinect-on-ubuntu-12-04/), I will take a look at it, but if you have also done it, it can be useful.

  2. Yes, I’ll publish it ASAP. It’s not very complicated, I based the code in one of the libfreenect basic examples. Hope I can finish it this week or at least publish a working but simple version.

  3. Be aware that it only reads the data from the camera and depth sensor, it does not do any pose estimation or anything related to that.

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