Intervalometer with Arduino for time-lapse photography

UPDATE: Intervaluino Plus is out!

Lately I’ve been developing with an Arduino compatible board. It is called RBBB and as you can see from the picture it’s quite small.

I want to create time-lapse videos and creating my own intervalometer is a great chance to learn using the Arduino platform. You don’t know what Arduino is? Then you should see this video done by Make:

The project is basically a RBBB board, a 4 digit 7 segment serial display, 4 buttons (will be 5 soon) and a relays (I’ll change this to a optocoupler). The 4 digit 7 segment serial display is controlled with the serial driver that the Arduino platform has in it, so it is extremely easy to use. Just create some functions to control each digit and the dots, so you can easily show numbers and letters. The relay opens and closes the remote button of the camera.

I’m right now developing the last part: the interaction between the display and buttons with the user. I hope to have it finished this week. I’ll publish the source code, parts list, where to buy them and connection diagrams so you can also make this device.

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