ARSlides v1.0: Augmented Reality slide presentation application

I’m glad to inform that I’ve (finally) published the code for the Augmented Reality application I’ve been working. Here you can see a small demo of it (sorry for the low quality image):

This application can show images (JPG, GIF and also transparent PNG and TGA) and 3D models (DAE, 3DS, OSG, OBJ and FBX). You just have to write down the file paths of the files you want to show in the XML configuration file of the application and then use right key to move forward and left key to move backward. It can also show text with different colors and fonts but I still have to make some changes on the code to include this ability in the XML configuration file.

I’m currently adding video (AVI, MOV, etc.) and sound (WAV, MP3, etc.) file support and have had some success in the past with it, but problems with FFMpeg made the application crash randomly. Thats why I haven’t added this to the first version. I’ve created a new branch in Github with this so you can see how it’s being coded.

You can download the source code from this Github repository. And of course you can contribute to it! I would be very glad.

It uses ARToolKit, Collada-dom, OpenSceneGraph and osgART and in case you need some help installing them in your system you can use the installation scripts I made some time ago. There are also multiple installation guides in this blog where I explain the installation process.

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