(English) Install PHPUnit in Mac OS X with pear

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 EspañolEnglish のみです。


(English) Install Doctrine2 with PEAR in MacPorts
Run those commands: sudo /opt/local/bin/pear channel-discover pear.doctrine-project.org sudo /opt/local/bin/pear...
(English) Expose config.yml values globally for Twig templates in Symfony2 applications
Lets suppose you have created a bundle that has some specific configuration in the config.yml file (this...
(English) Collada-dom 3D models having black textures bug solution
I used to have a problem with Collada-dom 3D models textures. Some times they were not correctly applied...
(English) Install and configure MongoDB and PHP driver with MacPorts
Installing and configuring MongoDB with MacPorts Installing MongoDB with MacPorts is as easy as...
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