(English) Make Raspbian run from an external USB hard drive or USB memory stick

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 EspañolEnglish のみです。


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  1. He seguido todos tus pasos, pero me pregunta después de crear una nueva partición, si la quiero 1 primaria, 0 extendida ó 3 libre. Cual debo poner? Muchas gracias

  2. Hello, I tried something like following your tutorial.
    I copied the entire contents of my sdcard to hd using dd, as (I think) is an exact copy of the sdcard I do not think there would be problems but it happens that whenever I edit the cmdline.txt to /dev/sda2, when I reboot the system does boot from sdcard and the cmdline changes to mmcblk0p2 again :/

    Have you any idea what it might be?
    (sorry my bad english, i’m Brazilian)

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