(English) Fix black screen in Raspberry Pi with HDMI to VGA adapter

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  1. Thanks mate. I looked at 10s of pages and wasted 1-2 hours before i found this post!! thanks.

  2. Thanks man, u saved me a lot of time….

  3. Thank you, was pulling my hair out! All other advice was useless.

  4. I got this running…but I get no sound. Any tips?

    Thanks in advance!


    • If you plug an VGA adapter to the HDMI out you can’t have sound from there.

      • I plugged the speakers into the audio jack and I still have no audio.

        If I connect video thru the composite instead of the HDMI, audio work just fine.

        Any ideas?



  5. Thanks mate worked perfectly !!

  6. Hi There,

    How’s it going? I just got my Raspberry Pi board delivered a week ago. I had this ordered locally along with a clear case and a power adapter.

    Eager to get started I bought a keyboard and mouse, SD memory card (16GB) and HDMI to VGA convertor.

    Reason being my monitor doesn’t have a HDMI slot. I have formatted and installed Noobs 1.3 on the card.

    So I go ahead and connect the network cable and start up the board. Nothing appears on the screen until I press option 2.

    Then I see the familiar OS options screen and install Raspbian as default.

    Install goes smoothly till I see the install completed message.

    When I reboot all I see is a black screen. Any ideas on what to do next? Appreciate some advise.


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